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Security Control

A security control room holds critical infrastructure for effectively securing and monitoring properties, security of people, staff and events of all sizes.

Golden Security are National leaders in control room management and activation and are based right here in Tasmania. With the current highest accreditation from the national peak body, ASIAL, our Hobart control room operators and security operations are second-to-none.

Why you should engage in
professional security management

Activating or engaging with a security control room to manage security risk situations for the home, workplace, and public assets, including the shift to virtual networks and data, has become increasingly necessary. At the same time, technology has kept up with the ever-changing landscape of security risk. Keeping on top of these developments can be time consuming which is why we recommend partnering with a professional security service to manage your control room operations.

We do our homework,
so you don’t have to worry

We are up-to-date in current technologies. Not only that, but we’re on the clock and in the field 24/7. By engaging in Golden Security, be confident in professional monitoring and quick response from highly trained mobile patrol, benefitting from end-to-end, efficient security solutions from one local provider.

Having reputable security industry professionals managing your safety from a well-equipped and up to date security control room is priceless.

We have our Grade A1 Control Room right here in Hobart

Increasing security risks and the need for more sophisticated security technology have made it difficult for small businesses to independently manage their security control rooms.

That’s where we can help.

Using a local security monitoring service ensures the response from control rooms are instant. Using local security officers in the detection of unwanted intruders, threat of criminal activity and suspicious activity not only provides invaluable peace of mind, it also adds great value to your business.

Local and skilled

Golden Security is an accredited security industry organisation who have been managing advanced, bespoke security operations in Hobart for decades. With our central security control room and monitoring centre meeting the highest current national standards, you can feel safe knowing our duty of care is in protecting you and your property around the clock.  

Our team of highly skilled experts are private security license holders trained in the provision of quality security and to manage response to a range of security risk quickly and in accordance with the highest national standards. We pride ourselves on having a team of control room operators adhering to the highest standard operating procedures using effective communication skills.

Golden Security control room security personnel deliver efficient, effective, and affordable security solutions. We guarantee support from security officers that are expertly trained to deliver safety, knowledge, competency,  and who are highly experienced in incident response.

Why does your home or business need a security control room?

Whether it’s onsite or managed externally, a well-designed security system is essential to business security. The hub of this information, providing an integrated view of critical systems and data across multiple locations and departments using various communication sources and tools such as closed circuit television (CCTV), a control room allows users to monitor and respond quickly to threats, control security risk situations.

Security control rooms also provide a central location where IT staff can manage network devices, servers, and software applications.

The most important aspect of a security control room operations is its ability to integrate various types of technology and communication tools. For example, a security control room may incorporate wireless networks, IP cameras, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and security alarms. A security control room may also include a command centre where experienced control room operators monitor live feeds from cameras and communicate with customers and personnel via intercoms and telephone lines.

Our control room operators are central to our golden service

Security from control room operators requires solid understanding of a range of information from a range of security systems, security databases, security cameras, security of persons, and their ability to manage monitoring and respond to operational developments effectively.

At Golden Security, our control room operators are among the best in the country. Having been through extensive training and assessment from specialised training staff in registered training organisations, their operational knowledge is second to none, managing security activities, procedures and policies with an overall competency for response to security risk.

All Golden Security control room operators hold appropriate certification from a registered training organisation with specialised training staff. They come to us confident in correct operations, correct procedures and with a sound grasp on policies, communication terminology and companion monitoring systems, including electronic security systems.

The assessment process for Security control room operators includes practical assessment and evidence of competency in emergency procedures, reporting procedures, operational safety, licensing requirements, security codes, malfunctions in security services, responses to security incidents, technical security, security systems faults,

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been providing quality security services in Hobart for decades. A registered and nationally accredited security agent, security equipment installer with a team of highly trained security control room operators and technicians, we specialise in CCTV installation, alarm systems, or remote monitoring, offering reliable solutions at reasonable prices.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the industry and can assist you with selecting the best products and technologies for your needs.

  • Experienced Security Professionals

    Our technicians are fully trained and certified to install and configure a wide range of security systems from leading manufacturers.

  • 24/7 Control Room Monitoring

    We provide 24/7 professional monitoring services to ensure the security of your premises.

  • Customised Security Plans

    Whether you are a homeowner, small business or an enterprise, we offer customised solutions to suit your specific requirements. We work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive security package that meets their needs.

  • Comprehensive Support Services

    We offer a full suite of support services including onsite training, maintenance contracts, and emergency response plans.


What is the purpose of a control room?
The main purpose of a security control room is to provide an integrated system of video surveillance, alarm systems, fire detection, intrusion detection, access control, communications, and management software. They are designed for monitoring and controlling access to sensitive areas such as airports, nuclear power plants, military bases, government buildings, hospitals, schools, banks, casinos, shopping malls, sports stadiums, office complexes, etc. A security control room is also used in small business and residential, providing the highest level of protection.
What are the components of a control room?
Security control rooms usually consist of multiple components including cameras, monitors, speakers, microphones, keypads, alarms, lights, computers, printers, and other equipment.
What does a security room operator do?
Central to all communications and security operations, control room operators have access to real-time data from a range of sources and locations and the skills to respond.

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