NBN and your Alarm Systems – Home Security and Business Security

As more and more people are connecting to the NBN (Nation Broadband Network) they are finding
their alarms systems do not communicates to their Security Control Room.

In simple terms your Alarm System and NBN are not compatible and do not work together.

An easy solution is to install a Direct Wireless Communication Unit.

These units are specifically designed for your security system and allows you to continue
being monitored and be protected simply and easy.

Direct Wireless Units are not vulnerable to your carrier down time or faults, and are polled every hour to ensure
communications, they are a stand alone.

If you would like further information please click on the link  http://bit.ly/13f3OPk
or call our office.

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We have also found in most cases people are saving money due to the fact
they are not making any calls for their alarm system.