Small businesses, mid-size firms and large commercial enterprises all enjoy the benefits of Golden Electronics keyless entry (also called managed access control) systems. You can, too.

Limit entry of unwanted visitors to your business with external door keyless entry. Enhance internal security by controlling access to sensitive areas like server rooms, counting rooms, record rooms, nurseries, pharmacies and medical supply areas.

Golden Electronics has the experience and technology to design a managed Access Control System that gives you greater control of activities in you're building.  Access Control Systems help you minimise threats that come from outside or inside your business. You identify who can enter your business and when, and where they can go once inside. Golden Electronics technicians program you're Access System to your specifications.

For Example, you may want the cleaning staff to have access to the building between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.? or require your assistant manager to be able to get in and open the building while your away?

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