Local Tasmanian Based Security Monitoring

Golden Electronics ASIAL Grade A1  monitoring centre has been ‘graded’ by ASIAL to Australian Standard 2201.2.
This Certification is the highest possible security rating and allows Golden Electronics the ability to monitor Government, Councils, Schools, Financial Institutions and  critical infrastructure to name a few.

This also allows us to extend the same quality of monitoring and security to private homes and families, with out requiring to enter into a contract or agreement.

Unlike most security companies, we don’t outsource your monitoring to the cheapest wholesaler.
We provide a full service in-house so you know that the person you are dealing with is local and Tasmanian.

Our Monitoring Centre is located in Hobart Tasmania and has been officially certified a Grade A1 Monitoring Centre by ASIAL since 1996, the longest Grade A1 Centre in Tasmania.

Typically the sort of items that are covered in the standard are:

  • the construction of the centre, together with its physical and fire protection,
  • access into the centre and its 'modus operandi',
  • ventilation systems
  • operator licensing and training
  • power supply arrangements,
  • Communications (telephones, duress and radio),
  • redundancy in the monitoring equipment,
  • and its record-keeping

The ASIAL scheme seeks to provide customers with the reassurance that the standards applied at a monitoring centre are independently audited on a regular basis.  It is an unfortunate fact that some monitoring companies are claiming to be graded when in fact this is not correct - we advise customers or consultants to check any such claims. This can be done by either asking the company to produce its certificate (dated certificates are issued, normally with a validity of two years) or by viewing the ASIAL list of the graded centres.


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