How will NBN affect my Security Alarm

For those alarm systems currently being monitored via a standard phone line, there are implications that the NBN will have on the reporting, function and reliability of your security system.

At the time of installation and connection of the NBN to your premises, the NBN and RSP’s may or may not relocate your standard telephone socket to the NBN’s “Connection Box”. This means that your alarm phone line may be disconnected or configured incorrectly i.e. not as a Mode 3 Security Socket installation.

Your RSP’s may advise that connection of your alarm to the Uni-V Voice Port of the NBN equipment will not affect the communications of the alarm to the monitoring centre, our experiences and results have proved that both existing and new alarm systems have not been fully tested and there is no guarantee that alarms will communicate accurately, consistently and reliably using the Uni-V Voice Port.

Please be aware that the NBN equipment including the Uni-V Port cuts out in the event of a power failure. A separate battery backup power unit for the NBN can be installed at your additional cost, but will only supply power to the Uni-V Port for a period of approximately 3-4 hours in total. This does not meet the Australian Standards for Intruder Alarm Systems backup battery requirements as stipulated in AS 2201. Thus once power to the Uni-V Port is off, your alarm will continue to function locally (i.e. sirens will activate), but will not be able to report to the monitoring station.

An Easy Solution with No Fuss

When the new NBN fibre service is rolled out in your area you will be contacted by a number of Retail Service Providers (RSP) looking to sell you their telephone and broadband services.

A Simple Solution to overcome all issues with the NBN and your alarm monitoring is to install a Plug On Direct Wireless Unit which does not require a phone line.

These Units save you money in call costs while providing a higher level of security.

The whole process and migration to NBN becomes painless and simple

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