Onus of Centre Operator.  Grading certificates are valid for a nominal period of two years from the date of compliance.  An undertaking is required from the operator of the centre that they will maintain compliance throughout this period.  Any changes that may have an impact upon this must be notified to ASIAL within 30 days.  ASIAL may withdraw and cancel a certificate should it become aware of any non-compliance during the certification period.


Staff.  AS 2201.2 – 2004 Sections 4.3, 4.4 and 5.  An assurance is required that there is no facility to pick up or action alarms from outside the monitoring shell.  Furthermore, where there is facility for remote ‘placing on test’ by on-client-premises clients or licenced technicians, all clients have contractually agreed to this facility in writing.  Telephone calls associated with alarm events shall only be validated and actioned by a licenced operator situated within the monitoring shell.  The assurance is also to cover the fact that all ‘indicating and recording equipment’ is contained within a monitoring centre of the same grade or higher (for both building and operation components of the grading) as the centre being graded (or relevant parts of the standard where the centre is not normally staffed).  If a remote centre might be used, then the grading of that centre must be equal or higher (except for the purpose of Redundancy Certification and then only when the Core Centre has failed).  If the centre has an ASIAL-Certified redundant location, then the provisions of the certification requirements apply.