Answer to your NBN and Security Problems

Home / Residential Direct Wireless

The long awaited home Direct Wireless Unit is expected to be released in
early September 2013.

All our tests and trials of the unit have come back with flying colours.

As you can imagine we are excited and for our clients that have been patiently waiting,
can finally start installing these Units to all their Home Security Alarms where NBN has
been connected.

For those who are already on our list, and have been waiting patiently, the wait is over !!!!.

Brief Explanation:

•    Plug on Device – No need to change your alarm (in most cases)
•    No phone lines – save telephone calls
•    Not affected by NBN
•    Australian Design and Produced
•    Cost Savings on your Telephone Calls

Further information can be found on our web site Link
or by calling our office on (03) 6231 1277


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