NSN SoloSafe 4G Lone Worker Unit

Hazards working alone exist where people are by themselves, in isolation or without contact with colleagues or family.

Certain environments increase risk to family and employees where customers or the public are more likely to become upset, aggressive or take advantage of a lone worker.

Environments where alcohol, gambling and/or money are involved as well as sensitive social work can cause sudden mood changes. It is often the lone worker who faces the backlash and are left dealing with the customer or patient on their own.

This Unit allows an employee to send an immediate request for assistance alert when required.

When the SOS Button is pressed and activated the unit will:

One-way or two-way voice communication directly with the

GPS Positioning
Accurate GPS positioning, allowing the operator to relay the user’s location to Golden Electronics Control Room.

Location Updates
Accelerated tracking on activation, providing updated GPS location every 30 seconds for 30 Minutes.

GEO Fencing capabilities, to monitor access to restricted or dangerous areas.

Battery Life
Minimum 24-hour battery life

Low Battery
Low battery warnings will be notified to specific user/s when at 20% battery.

Unit Set Up And Configuration
The NSN SoloSafe unit can be tailored specifically to a user or set up for general use

Vibration Alerts
All Actions are confirmed with the unit vibration, allowing the user conformation of action.

StaySafe App – Welfare Service

How do you know if your workers are safe? A lone worker policy is a guide that will set out your companies’ rules on working alone and help your employees to understand the risks of their role. It should also provide them with practical advice and instruction on how to safely carry out their jobs.

A regular review of both your risk assessments and lone worker policy, will help you to know if your lone workers are safe. You may also wish to carry out inspections to ensure safe work practices are being followed.

Monitoring is incredibly important in managing the safety of lone workers, due to the associated risks and difficulty in receiving nearby assistance or raising an alarm. Regular communication should be maintained with lone working staff and procedures put in place so that employees can quickly communicate with their employer and raise the alarm if needed.

Key features of the StaySafe lone worker Protection App

Key features of the StaySafe lone worker protection app

Timed sessions

Employees are able to start a timed session before they begin a period of lone work or travel. This triggers a countdown and activates a satellite GPS tracker, visible in the Hub. If an employee fails to end their session safely, a session expiry alert will be sent to the monitor.

Panic button

The panic button allows an employee to send an immediate panic alert if they are in trouble and need assistance. This alert can be triggered in the app at any time, even if a session is not running.

Duress PIN

If an employee is being forced by an attacker to terminate the app, a ‘false pin’ can be entered to appear as if the session has been cancelled when, in fact, a panic alarm has been triggered.

Low battery

Low battery warnings allow you to remind an employee to charge their phone if it is running low.


Employees can set fixed check-in periods within a session. Employees are able to check in at any point within this time to confirm that they are safe and reset the clock. Failure to do so by the end of the timed period will raise a missed check-in.

Discreet panic

A panic alert can also be triggered discreetly using the phone’s power button, allowing an alert to be raised discreetly from the user’s pocket or handbag.

Man down

If an employee has not moved for a prolonged period of time and not checked in, a non-movement alert is triggered in case there has been an accident.

Audible alerts

Lone workers are prompted to check in or end their session in order to reduce false alerts.

This service requires no hardware for the user. Users are individually set up with their work and or personal mobile number.

All calls will be recorded and stored for auditing or querying any calls in the future. Calls and requests received are documented and emailed to a specified email address next morning if required. All actions will be performed as per the specific user policies and procedures.

Safety Call Service
Golden Electronics will offer a Safety Call Service for any attendance that may be required as by OH&S or when staff feels uncomfortable performing their duties.

This will include
   • Staff calling and logging start, finish and location of welfare schedule.
   • Monitoring Staff that are requested to attend a site, return safely and notify Golden Electronics on their return.
   • Email reports next working day or as requested.
   • Contacting authorised officer of staff that failed to return.
   • Ability to send assistance to officers in the field

Safety Benefits
   • Work Place Safety for employees.
   • Lone workers have back up from 24/7 via Golden Electronics Control Room