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4G GPS Assistance Unit

The NSN Lone Worker GPS Assistance Unit allows an employee or family member to send an immediate assistance alert if they are in trouble and need assistance. This alert can be triggered by pressing and holding the SOS button until the unit vibrates to confirm the alert 24hrs a day

Personal Welfare Phone Call

This Service provides a personal touch with no hardware required apart from the users mobile.

Stay Safe Lone Worker App

Always available: No need to remember to charge or bring a separate device. Users just need their mobile phone.

Security Alarm Systems

All Security Alarm Systems are tailored to your specific requirements.


The use of CCTV cameras has become increasingly popular for both business and homes to monitor property and house or at a business to provide safety for employees and the workplace. CCTV systems are a great to discourage theft and vandalism while recording the events for play back and evidence.

Access Control

Access control allows controlling who enters a location and when. This can be specifically designed for an employee, a contractor or a visitor.
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